The USC nanofabrication facilities consist of a pair of cleanrooms (Keck Photonics Cleanroom and O’Brien Nanofabrication Laboratory) as well as a teaching cleanroom (Powell Teaching Laboratory). As core USC research facilities, they are open to all members of the USC research community. The breadth of instrumentation enables the cores to support the diverse research activities of USC, from fundamental quantum transport studies to nano/bioconvergent research. These labs are complementary to several other core facilities on campus, forming a thriving research ecosystem.

  • Understanding nanomaterial behavior with integrated electronics

    Prof. Steve Cronin, EE

  • Engineering custom cellular microenvironments to optimize the differentiation of cardiac myocytes from pluripotent stem cells.

    Prof. Megan McCain, BME

  • Advances in miniaturization and nanotechnology enable the creation of flexible neural probes with an increasing number of recording electrodes.

    Prof. Ellis Meng, BME


  • Combining bottom-up and top-down fabrication processes to design innovative technologies.

    Prof. Wei Wu, EE